Seasoned owners know Inspections are what keep their airplanes safe, at GLAS we put years worth of professional major inspection experience into your plane to provide you with a detailed inspection to keep your airplane in like new shape. 


Our annuals range in price from around $400 for a simple two seater to around $1200 for a more complex retractable gear airplane. When you bring an airplane here for an annual all panels, wheels, and most interior will be removed for inspection. All engine filters will be cleaned or changed and spark plugs will be cleaned and gapped. If your records do not already have an AD report one will be completed for you. All planes will be vacuumed and windows cleaned before pickup. If you want it washed be sure to mention it at drop off. This is not a rubber stamp annual, if you have had cheap inspections in the past I can almost guarantee I will find problems that need addressed. 


Weather you’re a veteran airplane owner or looking for your first plane we can help you pick out the right airplane for you. Searching for your first plane can be daunting and we’re here to help in anyway you can to make sure you know ahead of time what you’ll be getting into. I do Not recommend trusting a sellers “70 years experience” mechanic to tell you what kind of shape his planes in, always use your own mechanic or at least a non partial second opinion. I do local pre-buys at a reduced rate for future customers and will travel if travel cost is paid. 

100hr Inspections

More than likely if you’re having a 100hr inspection done you’re using your plane for profit and we know that so we try to keep the down time to a minimum and get you back flying in a timely manner even if it means working the night shift.